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  • Learn the drills and skills required to flourish in practical shooting
  • Learn something new
  • Understand the discipline of shooting

Would you want to learn how to shoot a gun? In this 3-hour International Practical Shooting Experience Workshop, you can experience that!

This workshop will enable you to learn the drills and skills required to flourish in this challenging yet fun shooting discipline. No matter if you are a serious practical shooting competitor or simply love the competitive nature of the sport, you are certain to learn something in this workshop.

What's Included?

  • Tools and resources are given
  • 45 Minutes to 1 hour training
  • 2 Hours practical shooting (participants will take turns to shoot)

Not all may be aware of it, but shooting can be practiced as a sport as well. You see, the practical shooting is perceived as a collection of national and international modalities of shooting practice.

The sport here is regulated by the federal police in charge of regulating the sport throughout the international territory to keep the sport safe.

Are you ready to learn practical shooting? Then make sure you get this voucher today!


Minimum number of participants: 4 pax


Approximately 3 hours

  • 45 Minutes to 1 hour training
  • 2 Hours practical shooting (participants will take turns to shoot)




At least 2 weeks before the experience date


Each UMEGO eVoucher is valid for 8 pax at max.

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Pay for the experience you wish to purchase, and we will send a voucher and booking information to you or directly to the recipient. Make sure you check the details before you book your experience. 


Ka Wing Factory Building

Flat A & B, 10/F, Ka Wing Factory Building, No. 19-21 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong View on map


Mon - Sun : 12:00am - 12:00am

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Practical Shooting Experience

The biggest myths about shooting guns… busted

When it comes to firearms, myths abound. After all, many of us only know about guns from watching Hollywood films, and as we know they aren’t exactly accurate – what with all the alien invasions, Romans wearing Rolexes and things exploding. More ominously, our other main source of info about guns is the news… and that’s never good. But as millions of people around the world who use guns for sport or hunting know, guns don’t have to be the scary, threatening things we think they are. So we decided to take aim at the biggest firearms myths and discover the truth about guns…


Guns are only for big tough guys

We definitely have Hollywood to thank for this one. After all, it’s the muscular, macho policeman who whips a Glock out of his sock and uses it to neutralise the bank robber in seconds while everyone else hides behind the counter. But you don’t have to be a Schwarzenegger to fire a gun! Head down to the shooting range and you will find people of all ages, sizes and physical strength practising their aim. There are even organisations around the world dedicated to helping disabled people enjoy competitive target shooting, making it a highly inclusive sport for people with any level of ability.


Guns aren’t for women/kids/people of colour

Again, this is another myth. There is absolutely no reason why anyone can’t learn to shoot provided they can so do physically and have the mental capacity to understand the risks. Children as young as 10 can be taught to fire a gun safely, and in fact there are competitions in target shooting just for them. Millions of ordinary women and people of colour keep and shoot guns every day too: for fun, as a sport, when hunting, for self-defence and in the army. Target shooting really is a sport for everyone.


All guns are semi-automatics that shoot 30 clips per second

Actually guns come in all shapes and sizes. Many people start out by firing handguns, including revolvers (the kinds you see in Westerns) and pistols, sometimes called Glocks after the famous manufacturer in Austria. Then there are long guns which are fired from the shoulder. These include shotguns, which are popular among hunters because they shoot many small projectiles, making it easier to hit the target in outdoor conditions. Then there are rifles or carbines, which are prized for their accuracy, and sub-machine and machine guns which are used in the military. With hundreds of different makes and models the choice of guns is pretty extensive, so you’re bound to find something you like shooting.


It’s an unfriendly sport

Head down to any firing range and you’ll discover just how untrue this is. In fact, sports shooters are known for their friendliness, swapping tips and advice and supporting newcomers. Everyone starts out somewhere, and down at the firing range they know that shooting can be intimidating at first. So don’t worry, just give it a go and you will soon make friends!


Firing guns is dangerous

This is a big concern for many people, and none more so than the owners of shooting ranges and people who enjoys target shooting as a sport. With so much legislation around the sale and use of guns, firing ranges are extremely safe. First timers do not touch a gun until they are fully aware of how to do so safely. Plus all staff are extensively trained, with background checks run as standard. It's in their interest to make your visit to the gun range a safe and fun experience!


If I drop my gun it will go off

We all know from the movies that guns go off when they get dropped… or do they? Actually this is another myth – unless you’re firing a 19th century rifle your gun will not go off if you drop it! In fact modern guns are specially tested to make sure this doesn’t happen.


I’ll get flung backwards/knocked over when I shoot

Another Hollywood classic… are you sensing a theme here? Despite what you see in Bruce Willis movies, firing a gun will not fling you or the target back against the wall, nor will the target explode in flames! Nowadays guns barely recoil at all.


Gun owners just want to kill things

This is another common misconception. Although some gun owners do use their weapons to hunt, many just enjoy the fun, sociable and friendly atmosphere of the gun range. Others love shooting because it calms their minds and helps them focus, and others because they enjoy developing skill and accuracy. So no, it’s not just about killing things!


It’s easy to fire a pistol/shotgun

Many people think firing a gun is just a matter of pointing at the target and squeezing the trigger, but safe use of firearms is actually quite complex. Keeping them clean, loading them properly, discharging them safely and storing them out of harm’s way are all important aspects of gun use and ownership. Improving your accuracy is also a lifelong process involving a lot of practice. One visit to the shooting range and you will find yourself wanting to go back again and again to improve those scores!


If people learn about guns we’ll have more shootings

This is a myth that makes gun range owners, hobby shooters and competitive athletes unhappy. At the gun range the weapons remain in the care of the business, rather than being taken out into the community. Millions of people visit gun ranges and learn to fire guns safely and enjoyably every year – it’s even an Olympic sport – so it’s not fair or accurate to associate shooting with senseless violence. All evidence points to shooting ranges being a secure and fun environment to spend time in, not something to be afraid of.

Visiting a supervised shooting range for the first time can seem daunting, with new words to learn, safety protocols to follow and weapons to handle. But give it a chance and you’ll discover it can be fantastic way to make friends, learn a new skill and build your confidence. Of course there’s only one way to find out if shooting is the sport for you, and that’s to try it. With UMEGO’s range of shooting experience vouchers, you can take a friend or even form a group and head to the gun range for a safe, interesting and engaging day out in the care of trained professionals. Even Jackie Chan had to start somewhere…

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